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Questions to ask before you book your wedding venue

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning and deciding on the correct location with adequate capacity for your number of guests is essential. Here at Briar House Barns, we can entertain small gatherings up to very large celebrations, having the option of two different barns both with stunning views across the Sussex countryside. Before you begin your venue search, you need to consider your guest numbers in relation to your wedding budget and what is important to both of you as a couple.

Questions you might like to ask your venue include:

What is the venues capacity for wedding receptions?

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Additional capacity for wedding ceremonies might be acceptable with a few people standing at the back. However, you need to ensure that your venue has adequate seating capacity for your wedding breakfast. Here at Briar House Barns we can cater for both small gatherings in The Stone Barn or larger parties in The Great Barn.

Is your chosen venue for your exclusive use only?

Exclusivity and privacy is something you will want to prioritise on your wedding day. Here at Briar House Barns, we only have one event taking place at a time so you will have exclusive use of the whole estate. This is something that you will find is not the case at many other venues and in particular at hotel venues.

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Can we be legally married at your venue?

Here at Briar House Barns, you can be legally married in your choice of three places. We have The Stone Barn for inside weddings, and the Flower Meadow or Bridge Lawns for outside ceremonies. The outside locations have picturesque views and a seating capacity of up to 300 guests. Having both inside and outside locations means we can cater for any weather conditions.

Does the venue have a recommended suppliers list and are you allowed to choose different suppliers?

At Briar House Barns we have a preferred supplier list encompassing people who we know and have worked with previously. However, if you have a special supplier you wish to use then we will usually accommodate them.

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Is there a bar onsite and do you charge corkage?

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At Briar House Barns, we do not charge corkage and we have plenty of refrigeration space to chill all of your table wines. In addition, we have a stunning bar which can be professionally staffed for the whole day. Couples may like to consider whether they wish to have an open bar and meet the costs themselves or put a limit at the bar and then guests purchase their own drinks once the limit is exhausted.

Who is responsible for taking down any d├ęcor you have used?

At Briar House Barns, we usually specify that your chosen caterers will be responsible for clearing up after your event and disposing of any rubbish. We often have events at the venue the following day, so everything needs to be cleared at the end of the night.

Are there any noise restrictions?

At Briar House Barns, we obviously wish to consider our neighbours so suggest that your music ends by 11pm and your guests leave the venue by 12am. However, a late extension may be possible on request. You will have many questions that need to be answered before you book your wedding venue and you should ensure that your desired venue is able to bring your wedding day vision to life. Here at Briar House Barns, we are renowned for providing exemplary service and allowing special requests when possible. Our dedicated wedding team will do everything they can to ensure your day is exactly as you planned.

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