Should you take out wedding insurance?

An important consideration for your wedding day is wedding insurance which, although is not essential, can give you both peace of mind and financial protection from unforeseen circumstances. So, should you take out wedding insurance or is it an unnecessary expense? Wedding insurance covers you for losses should something go wrong in the lead up to, or on, your big day. It is entirely optional, but something that you might wish to consider to give you financial protection against lost deposits or losses including illness, accidents or other unexpected events.

Wedding insurance will cover you for any issues arising at your wedding venue, with your chosen suppliers should something go wrong, or if a principal member of your wedding party falls ill. If a problem were to arise either in the run up to your wedding day or on the actual day itself, a wedding insurance policy would ensure that any costs incurred to rearrange the day, or from lost deposits, would be reimbursed.  In addition, insurers will often cover theft or damage to wedding outfits, rings or gifts too. Please make sure that you read your prospective policy carefully to ensure that it covers everything that you wish, as you will not be covered for things that are not specifically mentioned in the policy.

Be aware that generally insurers will not cover deposits paid to suppliers before the policy is taken out, therefore it is advisable to purchase your insurance policy early on in your wedding planning process. Although you have spent months planning your perfect wedding, occasionally there could be an event that is out of your control. Illness or extreme weather conditions could result in the need to postpone or cancel your celebrations. Therefore, insuring your wedding day against something going wrong may be the wise choice. Wedding insurance can start from as little as £20 depending on your requirements.

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