What to do when rain is forecast on your wedding day

The UK is famous for its rainy days and the one thing you absolutely cannot plan for when you book your wedding day is guaranteed sunshine! So, what should you do if rain is forecast on your wedding day? Here at Briar House Barns we have ample facilities to keep your wedding guests dry and to keep the celebrations running smoothly.

In years gone by, many people would have said that it is good luck for the couple if it rains on their wedding day. In some cultures, it is considered beneficial, so don’t worry that the rain is going to spoil your big day. If it is forecast to rain on your wedding day, don’t panic and rest assured that we have plenty of space to move all of your celebrations indoors!

The first thing to do is to check the weather forecast and if rain is a possibility then talk to your wedding coordinator and any other booked suppliers to see what changes they suggest. This won’t be the first time that they have had to deal with rain on a wedding day and they will have lots of ideas to offer.

Think about keeping your guests dry by making sure that your venue has a suitable place to move your drinks and canapes reception indoors. Here at Briar House Barns we have adequate indoor space to accommodate any inclement weather.

It may also be worth discussing options with your hair and make-up artists if the weather demands changes to your plans. Your chosen suppliers will have experience of rainy wedding days and your venue will have been previously assessed by your photographer to ensure there are adequate locations for indoor photographs if they can’t be done outside.

You may still have to make last-minute modifications to your original plans on the day. For example, serving hot drinks, such as Irish Coffee or Mulled Wine, at your drink’s reception is always an option to make sure that your guests are warm, relaxed and chatting away whilst the day proceeds. On the actual day excitement will ensure that you won’t be thinking too much about the weather. You’ll be too focused on getting married and spending time with your loved ones!

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